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Paradise of tracking in Mamasa

Written By Stepanus W B on Minggu, 08 November 2009 | 06.19

MO -- When we heard South Sulawesi, what we know are Bugis and Makassar. But South Sulawesi just not only that 2 famous thing.There is much interesting to see, one of that is Mamasa (1150 m). Mamasa is a small town that become the district is an area of the mountain, forest and river, in the bond of kinship with the indigenous Toraja, but "not toraja in general".

When we come to this place,this place is lika a paradise for those who love trekking, hiking, rafting, and can also mountain-biking, or want to try out the car take the road via the famous axis of Sulawesi, with gaps and routes it "destroyed". For those who feel shape-up, and likes outdoor activities, this is the place that suited them. This virgin area is still barely in the blindly.

Trips here long enough and exhausting. From Makassar running towards the car-producing town of Pinrang rice and continue to step on the road until smooth kekota Polewali (5 hours travel time). This route is a low-lying areas across the valve shoreline fierce heat.

After passing vehicle Pinrang remain implanted into Polewali. From here, turn into a sharp climb, the road semi-permanent damage to Melabu and continue stuck in Mamasa for 4 hours more. With such a long trip and the condition of the road "destroyed" from Polewali to Mamasa, it is better not bring small children because it will make them tired and suffering.

The journey was most severe when separated from Polewali to Mamasa. The long road that is only 90 km it was very slow and quite heavy because of conditions that do not mesh well. The route to the Mamasa Polewali also houses rare, there are no shops, no gas station, and the air was becoming cold and cold when the height position up the mountain.Becoz of that, it is strongly recommended for filling fuel in Polewali before you turn into.

As well as the virginal nature and the cold air stinging, Mamasa also regarded as the greatest mystical power center for ethnic Toraja. Many people Toraja admit that they hesitate when faced with Mamasa mystical powers that are considered more powerful than what is in the treasury of the Tator witchcraft.

Walking Corpse
Mystical greatness news Mamasa people are famous, as long as there is also the story heard and expressed casual style. One of them is the famous raised from the dead bodies and told to walk alone. Hundreds of years ago, many people went wandering cut Mamasa mountains and forests. In the overseas could have been one of the friends on the way sudden death.

Because of severe natural conditions which contain through forests and mountains, so my friends (who are still alive) could bring back the dead with a ceremony generating body. And so the body was walking his own home, through forests and gorges days and days!

Arriving kampong page, the body was greeted with a certain ceremony. After that the bodies inside the house sit until several days later before it was buried. Affairs "rise-rise" this body is not just to man alone. Animals such as buffalo that had cut his head and skinned up, still can be up and running fast, there raged here!

The difference is, if raising the human body that aims for good, whereas if a raging bull without a head is a job idle men of knowledge who want to disrupt a party at home other people because of personal grudges. Wow, spooky!!!
Author: hantulaut (HSG)
Location: Mamasa
Photographer: Silverum
Source: Navigasi.net
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